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what I did not know the boy was that is had escaped a giant bee, a Government lab. These had been modified to mate with any male of any species.

The bees would oblige its victim by force!
a bee find Max, and is it acceded to his crotch. the poor guy try to remove them, but the insect was much more strong.
the monstrous insect, broke the sport pants and leave bare genitals of the boy, immediately engulfing his penis and his testculos with a slime, which burned his quite. the young man was screaming with pain, while still struggling to RID, but every effort was useless.
The bee succeeded! The unfortunate boy he began to seep the sperm that the baba of the insect, had caused him. It was grotesque and morbid,see the boy, run with the bee between their legs,while it is violated.
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